Why WWE Is Returning to Kentucky Arena Tonight After Six Year Absence

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Tonight, WWE is airing this week’s edition of Smackdown Live at The Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, and it will be the first time in over six years that the company is running an event at the venue.

The Lane Report has published a new article on WWE returning to The Rupp, and the article notes the repeal of over 40 percent of Kentucky’s combat sports regulations allowed for WWE to hold televised events in the state. One of the previous regulations, called “The Cut Rule”, required any athlete to leave a match if he or she bled. Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission Chairman Chad Miller had the following to say on WWE returning to The Rupp Arena:

“There is no doubt that the growth we are seeing in combat sports is directly tied to a transparent and fair regulatory environment,” added Miller.  “The Commission continues to look for ways to promote efficiency while also ensuring athlete safety.  Athletes can now apply for licenses online, and the Commission has streamlined and repealed approximately 55 percent of the forms an athlete could be required to complete for licensure.  We believe that all of these measures will further a strong combat sports industry in Kentucky.”

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