Steve Austin On A Return To Wrestling: ‘I’m Done, I’m Good’

Even though it’s been 14 years since we last saw Steve Austin wrestle, and even though he’s said multiple times that he’s done, people still love to ask the WWE Hall of Famer about coming back for one more match.

When asked if he’d come back for another match during a recent chat with Wrestling Inc, Austin gave the same answer he always does; no.

“I don’t know, I never think about it… I got a lot of great memories of that business, but I got it out of my system. You gotta realize, I’ve been gone 14 years. You gotta get over something at some point and that’s way long enough for me to get over it. I look back with fond memories and I still watch to this day because I love the business and I like the guys and girls to be doing good at it and have a way to make a living for their family. But I’m done, I’m good.”

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