Skyler, Crazzy Steve advance in Impact Digital Media title tourney

The Impact Wrestling Digital Media Championship was announced last week, a new title that will be defended on the company’s digital media channels.

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The first champion will be crowned with a single elimination tournament that will take place on every Tuesday and Wednesday on the aforementioned digital media channels like YouTube and Impact+.

The finals of the tournament are scheduled for October 23rd during Countdown To Glory, prior to the Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

Here’s what happened in the first two matches this week:

First Round: John Skyler defeated Zicky Dice (w/ Sam Beale) to advance in the Digital Media Championship Tournament

Dice debuted a few weeks ago as a member of Brian Myers’ Learning Tree stable while Skyler debuted on Impact with a win over Matt Cardona. As of late, he has been feuding with Laredo Kid in a best-of-three series.

The match saw Dice work heel, relying on cheap tricks and cheating to gain control of the match. Skyler eventually made a comeback and the last couple of minutes saw both men get some near falls.

Dice hit a ushigoroshi for a close one with the initial finish seeing Dice pin Skyler with an O’Connor roll. But when the referee saw Dice pull the tights, he stopped the count which allowed Skyler to roll over Dice and pull the tights himself to get the win. The crowd was definitely behind Dice throughout the match. 

First Round: Crazzy Steve (w/ Rosemary) defeated Hernandez (w/ Johnny Swinger) to advance in the Digital Media Championship Tournament

This match was short. It played out like a speed vs. power match with Steve getting all the offense early until Hernandez got a hold of him, power bombed him, and cut him off.

Hernandez worked over Steve for about a minute before Steve regained control by biting Hernandez and then locking in the Upside Down. Steve went for Deep Impact, but was blocked. That coincided with Swinger wanting to get involved for some reason, causing a small distraction that allowed Steve to roll up Hernandez to advance.