Christophe Galtier after match against Châteauroux: “We must quickly find a group in line with PSG and the ambitions we have.”

Christophe Galtier’s lineup may not have looked like the usual starting 11, but against Châteauroux they had the type of results that they are accustomed to – winning. As a coach, the former Saint-Étienne manager is used to making the best out of what he has available. Against any team, there is always a chance of error with a starting team largely made of young players. 

The PSG coach spoke about the missing players stating, “We are going to recover players for Angers. We must quickly find a group in line with PSG and the ambitions we have. I know that it is difficult post-World Cup, everyone has to remobilize and refocus on the team and the game.” 

His comments may have been as simple as motivation to his locker room or a direct warning to his players to refocus for the mission ahead.  

Even with players returning forecasting how long it will take to be fit can be impossible. “Some have returned at a certain time but they take time to recover, on a daily basis, in the club. We have a lot of players absent this evening, we will see who we will be able to recover for Wednesday’s match against Angers.

Galtier is in a difficult situation with injuries, the weight of a club competing in several competitions, but also with what comes with having a successful club around World Cup time. PSG had several players at the tournament and while there is a great honor in that it also hurts the club team in the short term with fatigue and long term if there was an injury. 

The French coach continued, “We realize that the teams that have had a lot of players at the World Cup are struggling to restart. Everyone will have to quickly refocus, refocus on the game, on the team, and the objectives that we have defined.”

PSG luckily has time before the Champions League kicks off and a fairly manageable schedule for the month of January outside of a very tough away match with Rennes. 


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