Alexa Bliss On Transitioning To The Main WWE Roster, Almost Being Fired, Working With Blake & Murphy

Alexa Bliss was the guest on this week’s Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast where she discussed a variety of topics about her career with the popular broadcaster.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

Transitioning To The Main Roster:

“NXT prepares you for everything on the main roster and they probably over prepare you from everything they have at Full Sail to NXT touring now, they are doing venues that are the size of our live events so I don’t think it’s much of a shift for them now. When I came in, I feel like it’s harder to perform in front of a smaller crowd at Full Sail than it is a larger one. At Full Sail, you can make eye contact with every single person and it’s very scary and for me, it’s easier to do the bigger crowds as you can feel the energy which is a lot of fun.”

Almost Being Fired:

“From day one I knew it was my sink or swim moment because in NXT as a good guy my character wasn’t getting over and when I was told about the pairing with Blake & Murphy I knew there had to be a character change. Wednesday night we had TakeOver and I pushed Enzo and helped keep them as champions, I came the next day with new gear and different hair and I knew that if I didn’t run with it, I probably wasn’t going to have a job.”

Working With Blake and Murphy:

“If I knew I wasn’t going to be in the ring and having to portray this good character, then portraying this character was extremely important. We had pitched this idea for around 8 months before it even happened so we were prepared to make this group what it was. I remember watching back the first match we had and I felt like I was the same person so I knew I had to be more vocal and I knew that any moment I had with them would be super beneficial. Sometimes your character development comes better when you’re not in the ring as you don’t have to focus on the moves. 

“When I came up with Blake and Murphy I wanted to be that girl in High School that everyone knew, there’s always that girl who is mean and spiteful, the girl everyone hated but still wanted to know what she was doing and voted for her as Prom Queen.”   

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