Updated Speculation on WWE WrestleMania 35’s Location, Mauro Ranallo Praises Triple H

Whilst it is very much still a rumor at this point and should be taken as speculation, it appears that the location of WWE WrestleMania 35 has been narrowed down to three cities.

According to Twitter user @TicketDrew & DeArron Easley, who have both broken WWE news stories in the past, Detroit is currently the front-runner to be the location of 2019’s show.

They also reported that the announcement of the location is set for some time in December and that both New York and Philadelphia are in the running.

Mauro Ranallo Praises Triple H

WWE NXT commentator, Mauro Ranallo was asked by a fan what Triple H is like as a boss and the popular commentator has high praise for the Game.

Ranallo claimed that the only reason he is currently working for the company is because of Triple H, a big statement about his leadership.


He’s the reason I am still with the company.👍 https://t.co/qfsVxyAxR2

— Mauro Ranallo (@mauroranallo) October 29, 2017

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