Horrific rugby league tackle leaves amateur player out of work for two months

A RUGBY LEAGUE player in Newcastle, Australia could be in line for a long spell on the sidelines after being cited for this disgusting tackle on an opponent this week.

Cessnock centre Jared Edwards was spotted driving his shoulder into the knee of a player on the ground during his side’s defeat to Macquarie, leaving his opponent with damaged medial ligaments, the rest of the season injured, and two months out of work.

Macquarie’s Teason Fa’avae-Eli had been tackled by a number of Cessnock players near his own goal line, and after they eventually forced him to ground, Edwards appeared to grab him by the foot, before driving his shoulder into the side of his opponent’s knee.

Source: Sports Vids First/YouTube

The incident was not picked up by a referee at the time, but Edwards has since been cited for the tackle, and will learn his fate next Wednesday.

Fa’avae Eli meanwhile will miss the remainder of his side’s season, and the self-employed carpenter is also expecting to be out of work for around two months as he lets his knee recover.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, the injured centre says he and Edwards had been giving each other back and forth verbals all day, but that he didn’t expect it to end as it did.

“We were at each other all game, as footy players do, to get get them off their game,” Fa’avae-Eli said.

“He’s just taken it to the next level. He couldn’t handle that we were winning and it’s his old team.

“Throughout the whole game he was saying he’s going to get me. He did end up getting me at the end, but in an illegal way.”

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