Cody Rhodes still says AEW is interested in Cain Velasquez

“He’s definitely somebody that I am keeping an eye on. Cain was one of those athletes – it’s not even an athlete thing, it’s almost a strange, natural ability to pick up our industry. He picked it up so quick and he wasn’t doing mixed martial arts Cain Velasquez, he was trying to do true lucha. And he had worked with Psycho Clown who, Psycho Clown, if you haven’t caught him, is just amazing. What a stud. So, I was blown away by Cain Velasquez. I would love to bring that tandem and that tag back to All Elite Wrestling. I’m glad to hear he like what we’re doing; I like what he’s done with AAA. I continue to monitor it. And that might be something you see as a personal project for me if and when Cain would like to come play ball with us. I’d be down. There’s something special – I mean, the man is a former UFC Heavyweight Champ, a nice guy, represents a whole part of the world, just a special human being. I think he’d be a great fit to our family.”
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